Next Day Repair.

Bounce back like it never happened.

    No Diagnostic Fees. Two hours maximum charge per issue. 50 an hour at our place, 125 at yours. Same day virus removal. If we don't stock your part, free two day shipping or next day available for $15.

    Our Services

      Ultra Fast Support

      Data Recovery

      If you need this service you may be panicking. Free to try and $150, if successful might help. Often it is possible to get your files back. Even if you deleted them yourself.


      Computer Virus Walking Out.

      Virus Removal

      The flu shot doesn't eradicate the flu. Your anti-virus program isn't perfect either. However, with quick removal, you don't have to live with a computer virus for as long as the flu.


      Satisfaction Guaranteed

      3.5X's Faster Computer

      Faster Boot Times. Quicker response.…
      You bought the faster processor, shouldn't it be faster? Yep. Upgrading your hard drives speed can increase your computer up to 5 times faster. Best upgrade I have ever done to my machine.

      Computer Virus Walking Out.

      Broken Computer

      Monitor LCD repair, DC Jack Replacement.…
      Really, anything you want to repair or replace. We have helped people like you with motherboard issues,broken keyboards,wifi,dvd drives, if it is in a computer we have probably done it.

      Computer Optimization

      Satisfaction Guaranteed

      We started fixing for friends, then friends of friends and so on. Odds are that's you, we have a reputation to maintain. We guarantee your satisfaction. We will take $10 off everyday we are late.

      Computer Optimization

      Ultra Fast Support

      Quick Virus Removal and next day computer repair available.
      To us, computers are an extension of us. Like an arm, without it we feel lost. We will get you your computer back as fast as we can or we'll pay you.

      From the Blog

        New Logo

        KBA has a new logo

        There are a lot of exciting changes happening at KBA. One is our new logo. Which you may notice includes a slightly different name. As our world progresses, the tools we use will change. In order to make sure that we are indeed keeping up with those changes and not stuck in 1999. We are updating our name to KBA Technology. To reflect that we are here to help with anything relating to your technology needs. Which still includes computers, however, we also can help with your home automation needs, your desire to use less energy in your home or office. We offer consulting to businesses who don't know which solutions to choose. We are so much more than computer services. So we wanted our name to say so too. One thing we won't change is our desire to serve this community, with fast, friendly, affordable service.

        Broken iPhone 4s

        Field Notes

        I personally love and use notebooks for all sorts of reasons, a good idea, phone numbers. I also learn by writing things down, it helps me remember later when I write it down. I have been personally using Field Notes for over a year now and I love them. They have the most durable yet flexible balance that lets me always have one in my back pocket. As a reliable tool that never runs out of battery. I also feel a little bit machismo when I pull it out and use it.

        Broken iPhone 4s

        iPhone Repair

        It is amazing how much we use our phones. I personally store a lot of data on it. Process payments on it, take notes on it, I suppose I make phone calls too. If and when I crack the screen I dont want to even wait for next day shipping. I also would not want to leave it with someone. Thats why we are stocking as many iPhone parts as we can; and if you choose to, you may watch us do the repair. Continuing to be Fast Friendly and Affordable.

        Simple Price tag represents simple pricing

        Simple Pricing…

        People like to complicate things. This is reinforced when I look at the pricing models of other businesses. Personally I love businesses that have only one price. Square,iTunes,Pandora All great. KBA wants to join in on simple pricing, 50 an hour in our store. 70 an hour at your place. No diagnostic fee, no travel fee, no coupons in order to get a good rate. Just transparent pricing. We won't charge for more than 2 hours per service either.

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        Why KBA does Computer Repair.

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        Why another company to fix computers,because when we looked around we weren't happy with what we saw. Expensive,slow,unfriendly,stressful,service. To me it doesn't matter what business you're in, this is not what I as a consumer would want. It is actually the opposites of what I look for in a company to use. Therefore it won't happen here. Our goal is…

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        nest thermostat

        Thermostat home automation


        I managed to get my hands on one of these and boy is it handsome. The nest is a wifi enabled smart thermostat that is riddled with so many features you feel like you are holding a Jetsons device. Its main selling point is…

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        Customer Reviews

          My laptop was a mess, it had a virus, spyware and a broken power brick. They managed to keep all my data and get me a new power brick in a couple of days. Very Satisfied, would recommend KBA to anyone who asked.

          I had been having problems with my laptop freezing up and was continuing to get worse. We came upon KBA by chance and glad we did. Kyle added more ram, and solved the freezing up problem and has been working fine since. His prices are excellent and I have recommended him to friends. Kyle is a professional and knows what he is doing. Kudos to KBA.

          I called KBA and they came out, saved all of our thousands of pictures and documents, got both computers up and running without issue, and we now have 2 fully working computers! We also purchased a very cool back-up device from KBA that will automatically back-up our computer. All of this was done with professionalism, and was very affordable. We would definitely recommend KBA!