Why KBA does Computer Repair

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relaxing with computer

Why another company to fix computers? Because when we looked around we weren't happy with what we saw. Expensive,slow,unfriendly,stressful,service. To me it doesn't matter what business you're in, this is not what I as a consumer would want. It is actually the opposite of what I look for in a company to use. Therefore it won't happen here. Our goal is stress-free and friendly, We accomplish that with simple pricing, fast service, friendly staff, and a relaxing environment. Straight forward pricing allows you to make a decision and relax. Fast service means you have your computer back sooner, Same day service for most issues, if we need to order a part. Two day shipping is included and you can get next day for an additional $15.00. If you can't go one minute with out a computer loaners are available to take home and use for $20.00 a day.

We looked around and didn't like what we saw.

The three circles in our logo represent what this company stands for. Speedy ,Friendly, and Affordable Service. The reason they all intersect is because we think that you need all three to offer great service. The colors are what we though best represented these qualities. Red for speed,yellow for friendly, and brown like the earth for affordable. We liked earth or dirt colored because we all share one earth and we don't think certain things should be available to one person and not another.


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