Increase user experience with square.

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Take payments with square

One thing I always appreciate, is when a business takes the time to understand and increase the experience I will have when using their service or product. Square is doing a great job at making the transaction or exchange of money as pleasant as possible. By allowing you to exchange service for money anywhere. Now they are improving the retail experience with wireless cash drawers and reciept printer. I personally prefer the email reciept that square has. Considering my minimalist wallet it doesn't hold but only one or two anyhow. The really powerful feature set though is the ability to bring up any past transaction with a credit card, and do some powerful customer service activities from it. Such as a refund or print a new reciept. I know some large retailer that do not do this... ahem, target. Additionally you can reward regulars and encourage people to come back through loyalty programs.

Take money anywhere with square.

One caveat is their rates, which is 2.75%,however, I like to view it as if the experience is so good that you will be back because of it, and maybe even convince your friend to come. Then I would pay 4%, thanks for the 1.25% discount square.


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