Samsung S4 Glass Repair

Same Day Service $120

    We stock most parts and you can watch us do the repair at our place, which takes around an hour.

    Screen Replacement

      Broken Glass on Samsung S4

      Samsung S4 Glass Only

      If the glass is only cracked and your lcd still works fine. This is for you.


      Broken Samsung S4 LCD

      Samsung S4 Broken LCD and Glass

      Similar to the previous model, We can repair the phone in around a half hour.


      Broken Samsung S5 Glass

      Samsung S5 Glass Only

      The newest in the Galaxy line, glass only.


      Broken Glass Samsung S3

      Samsung S3 Glass Only Repair

      This is the repair if only the glass is broken and the lcd and touch still work fine. For the Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone.


      Broken Samsung Galaxy S3

      Samsung S3 Broken LCD and Glass

      If you can no longer use the touch, or can no longer see part or all of your screen.


      Broken Glass and LCD Samsung S5

      Samsung S5 Screen Repair

      If you can no longer use the touch, or can no longer see part or all of your screen.


      Other Services

        Water Damage to Samsung

        Water Damage Service

        We use an ultrasonic bath to fix water damage issues for all phones and tablets. Often it isn't the water that will wreck the phone but the corrosion after the water evaporates.


        Samsung Dock Repair

        Dock Charger Repair

        If your Samsung S4 will no longer charge, no need to worry we can replace your dock connector same day.


        Satisfaction Guaranteed

        Battery Replacement

        At some point batteries no longer hold a charge. When this happens the best thing to do is to replace it with a new one.


        Samsung Sim Reader

        Sim Reader

        If your phone is sometimes recognizing the sim and other times not. It could be the sim reader needs to be replaced.